Informal extracts from Houghton Parish Council’s Annual General Meeting

Philip Page was re-elected as Chairman; all other Councillors were also re-elected. The following sub-groups and other representative responsibilities were confirmed:

  • Planning: All Councillors
  • Flood Officer: Geoff Butler
  • Parish Lengthsman: Peter Kennesion
  • Playground: Alan Young, Ingrid Burt
  • Allotments: Philip Page
  • Test Valley Asscn of Parish Councils: Peter Kennesion

Parish Council representatives on non-Parish Council groups:

  • Village Hall Committee: Tara Scougall, Claudia Bradby
  • All Saints ‘Future Uses’ Group : Ingrid Burt
  • Village Design Statement: Philip Page

Parish Council meetings for the coming year were agreed (and are listed at the end of this magazine)

Finance: The Parish Council starts the new financial year with £10,278 in the bank.

The HCC-funded Lengthsman’s programme of work continues; he has been asked to remove cuttings, etc., rather than dispose of them in the village.

Dog-fouling at Sheepbridge: the PC has been advised to contact the TVBC Dog Warden to arrange for re-location of the wheelie bin and Houghton Fishing club will be asked whether a notice can be affixed to its gate on Clarendon Way.

Wheelie Bins: householders are reminded that it is their responsibility to put their bins back on their own property. TVBC refuse collection drivers are usually careful to replace them where they found them. It was recognised that windy weather can displace empty bins.

TVBC Local Plan—Settlement Boundaries: following the Extra-Ordinary public consultation meetings on 2nd and 16 April, the PC submitted the collected and considered views from the village to amend the boundaries at north and south of the village and that boundaries should not cut across existing gardens.

Planning Matters: 

The PC has received the following applications/decisions from TVBC since the March meeting:

  • Rowans: felling 9 silver birch trees (No objection)
  • Tiebridge Farm: change of use of outbuilding to office;
  • Orchard Cottage: lawful development Certificate (windows)
  • The Boot Inn: erection of garden furniture stored
  • Houghton: Farmhouse—vehicular access off the highway

A draft Village Design Statement has been produced and when finalised will be available to Villagers; It will also be on display at the Village Fete (22 June).

Not only….but also….. 

Rosie Cardoe asked about the maintenance and use of the Phone Box (now owned by the village) and is happy to co-ordinate suggestions for its use; some suggestions so far include a book swap, installation of a defibrillator; and possible twining/trio-ing with another village

The updated and lively Houghton-Bossington website, ( designed by Tarmara Bonnar, the site’s new Web Manager, is now up and running and includes links to Facebook and Twitter. All groups (WI, Parish Council, All Saints, etc.,) in the village have been invited to update ‘their’ page and to use the website to promote news and activities. The Parish Magazine will continue, as before, to be available on the website. Sponsorship from local businesses will cover the annual cost of the website fee, thus making a saving for Houghton Parish Council.

Bob Gosse asked about the possibility of a lockable gate entrance to the Village Hall Playing field from Stevens Drove, to enable the Houghton Trail cyclists to finish the event on the field, as do runners The Parish Council said they would consider this and talk to the Village Hall Committee; such an entrance would also be useful for vehicle access e.g. mowing machines.

Next Parish Council meeting 

Monday 1 July – 7.30 pm – Village Hall