May 2013 Message from the Church Curate

Dear Friends 

Come and celebrate! 

However young or young at heart you may be, birthdays are a time for us to celebrate and the Church is no exception. This coming month on Pentecost Sunday, 19th May, we have a very special birthday, the birthday of the Church. You may well be wondering, what’s so special about the Day of Pentecost and what makes it the birthday of the Church? Why should this matter to us today?

According to the Book of Acts, it was on the Day of Pentecost that the Holy Spirit was poured out on Jesus’s followers. As they were given the gifts of the Spirit, Jesus’ followers were equipped to play their part in a new era – the age of the Church. After receiving the Holy Spirit, Peter stood up and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ – and the spreading of the Gospel among peoples and nations was begun. It was a day of gift – of pure grace. It was the beginning of an era of hope and optimism, excitement and joy – the Holy Spirit, God’s Spirit, the Spirit which drove Jesus, was let loose in the Church and became accessible to all people in all ages. Just as Jesus had described, believers actually became bearers of the Spirit, they began to live out the presence and love of God and out of their hearts flowed rivers of God’s love.

So, what of the Church today?

Two thousand years may have passed but the Spirit of God continues to be the lifeblood of the Church here in our Benefice and around the world. Women and men bear witness to God’s transforming love through the way in which they live their lives and share God’s love with those around them. The Holy Spirit is at work through them in our communities today in new and creative ways.

Please join us at our Benefice services as we celebrate the Gift of the Spirit at Pentecost, a very special birthday!

With blessings…
Gill Nobes, Curate