Informal extracts from Houghton Parish Council: January meeting

Finance: The Parish Council accounts hold £10,958.05 prior to authorised payments made at the meeting. The proposed budget for 2014/2015 was approved at the meeting and is included on the next page.

Additional access to the Recreation Ground (by bottle bank): as HCC will not now be re-kerbing until after 2015, Cllrs will see if it is possible to use the existing dropped kerbing for the installation of the additional gate to allow vehicular access when required.

Poppy Planting re commemoration of 1st World War: seeds now received by the Parish Council will be planted appropriately around the village eg: churchyard, village ‘welcome’ signs, etc.
Village Correspondent: the Parish Councillors are still keen to recruit someone (perhaps a student studying English) to fill this role.

Planning Matters:
TVBC has notified the Parish council of the following application/notification, respectively:
– Eveley Farm:—Solar Farm (see item below)
–  Rose Cottage: silver birch height reduction

TVBC has notified the Parish Council of the following decisions:
–  Houghton Farmhouse: vehicular access/garage permitted
–  Coopers Farm: gate permitted
–  Virginia Cottage: no objection to Ash prune
–  Marwin Cottage: Carport/store permitted
–  Wayside Cottage: no objection to crown lift Poplar
–  Mayfield Hse: garage/tennis court permitted
–  Four Winds: withdrawal by Applicant of application for 4 detached houses.

Highways: HCC will start work on repairs to the road at Tiebridge to stop future flooding; HCC will be asked (again) for timescales for painting of bridges in the parish. The Parish Lengthsman will be asked to remover over-growth along the Bridle Way between Houghton Down House and the Broughton road.

Not only but also
–  Parish Councillors will arrange a meeting with HCC and Houghton Fishing Club to try and find a solution to the differing water levels in the ditch opposite Chapel Close and the River Test, which is causing problems for local cesspit drainage.
–  Parish Councillors will look at the broken ‘kissing gate’ at the top of Church Lane to determine a repair solution
–  Fallen trees, caused by recent storms, left on the grass outside the allotments will be kindly moved by an allotment holder.
–  In response to questions from parishioners, the Parish Council replied that the Monkey Puzzle Tree at Rose Cottage had been felled as it was old and rotten, there being no TPO; and that it will investigate the felling of a Laburnum tree outside Houghton Farmhouse.
–  TVBC Local Plan: the latest draft takes into account comments previously made by the Parish Council. The final consultation period will close towards the end of February and members of the public can view the latest proposals and submit comments to TVBC until then. Link to TVBC website.

Proposed (Kronas) Solar Farm: the Parish Council displayed the formal Application (received from TVBC on 4 January) and asked for comments from parishioners; a lively discussion followed which highlighted many outstanding queries, inconsistencies and errors in the Application together with a number of concerns about the proposal, which need to be answered by Kronas before the Parish Council can make an informed view on behalf of the village to TVBC. Concern was expressed at the short deadline (17 January) set by TVBC for comments.