Houghton WI – News for June 2013

Houghton Bossington WI LogoThis month was the Annual Meeting when reports of all the activities in the past year were reviewed. The minutes of the last A.M. and the Bylaws were read and an Independent Examiner appointed. The Financial Statement was adopted and a review of events and activities were read by the retiring President. She thanked all members for their loyal support and was in turn thanked for all her hard work.

Nickie Furness won the Bloom of the Month Shield—again! – Helen Carter, our W.I. Advisor then spoke of the National Centenary plans for 2014 and brought several items designed for then, for sale.

The current Committee members were all willing to stand for the coming year and lastly came the secret ballot for the new President. Jane Anderton is willing to fill that role and Julie Harwood is to be Secretary. Julie Moldon will continue as Treasurer. The updated WI contact details can be found in the Village Directory on Page 35 of this magazine.

DARTS. A 3-nil loss against Charlton—but there are still three more matches to come!

LUNCH CLUB will meet on 28 April. Venue to be decided.

The Resolution to be presented at the National AGM concerned the problems facing many small shops in the High Street when challenged by internet shopping and all the supermarkets. There was a lively debate and opinions were very mixed so it was left to our Delegate to choose how to vote.

Business over, there came a Picture Quiz followed by a 90th Birthday celebration.

NEXT MEETING 17th June at 7.00 pm. 

Starting with a visit to Mary Matthews’ garden and then returning to the hall.

Jeanne Featherstone