Houghton WI News for April 2014

At our meeting on March 17 we were treated to a really interesting talk from Graham Howlett who is a Fire Investigator with the Hampshire Arson Task Force. He brought with him two of his dogs, Saxon and Inca, who have been expertly trained by Graham, to detect minute quantities of ignitable liquids used in setting deliberate fires. He demonstrated how the dogs are trained and rewarded after finding the target. Both Inca and Saxon showed huge restraint in avoiding the table with our delicious cakes!

The Fire Brigade and Police closely cooperate in the detection of arson and it’s perpetrators. Hampshire are at the forefront in the UK of apprehending these villains. The bravery of the dogs and their handlers can only be admired, as their work involves very dangerous situations including burning and collapsing buildings.

The WI have their main fund raising event at the Daffodil Run in Stockbridge on Sunday April 6th. The event, in the morning, is the stopping place for a large number of vintage and classic cars en route for the New Forest. We serve coffee, tea and delicious cakes next to Stockbridge Town Hall. Any contributions of cakes would be warmly welcomed!

Our next meeting will be on April 28th at 7.30 in Houghton Village Hall. Our speaker will be Anne Graydon, entitled ‘Absolutely Fabulous at Any Age’. Something to boost everyone’s confidence! Guests would be very welcome to come, enjoy the talk and sample our delicious coffee and cakes.

Sue Marshall