Houghton & Bossington Church News April 2014

Dear Friends

As we step into April with its lengthening days and its promise of light and new life we also enter the great celebration of Easter with its own promises of Christ’s eternal light and resurrection. What a glorious combination and how exceptional is this month!

However the world as we know it is a mixture of glorious wonder and terrible darkness and chaos. This challenges us to ponder and reflect and yearn for something better, something with more substance which does not end in death. This yearning is brought about not by our natural self but by our eternal souls which have both a need for God and a need for transformation and resurrection. This is not part of the natural desires of living of which there are many; the desire to get rich, to be successful, to enjoy good health.

Something more profound within our souls looks beyond the obvious to the horizon of life and exclaims surely there is something more than this, something that speaks of the eternal city of God and of new life! The reality is that only by a gift of God who will clothe “this corruptible body with incorruptibility and this mortal body with immortality,” in virtue of the victory of Christ over death (see I Cor. 15:53-57) can bring this about. Easter is about celebrating this transformation and the answers to these longings.

Please join us for Easter celebration services happening throughout the Benefice to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus, and hence our own delivery to life eternal through faith in him, who is the way the truth and the life.

(Please NOTE there will not be an early outside morning communion this year. All Easter Services will be in the churches).

Ron Corne (Rector)