Draft Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on Monday 13th May 2013 at Houghton Village Hall


 Draft Minutes of the Annual Meeting held on Monday 13th May 2013 at Houghton Village Hall 


Present:                  Cllr P Page (Chairman), Cllr A Young, Cllr T Scougall, Cllr C Bradby, Cllr G Butler, TVBC Cllr P Boulton,

Mrs B Barker (Clerk to the Council) and seven members of the public.

40/13                  Apologies:  Apologies were received from Cllr I Burt, Cllr P Kennesion, TVBC Cllr D Busk, HCC Cllr A Gibson

41/13                  Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

The clerk to the council asked for nominations for the office of chairman.  Cllr Young nominated Philip Page.  This was seconded by Cllr Butler and the motion was carried unanimously.  Cllr Page accepted the office and signed the ‘Declaration of Acceptance’ form.  The Chairman asked for nominations for the office of Vice-Chairman.  Cllr Page nominated Ingrid Burt.  This was seconded by Cllr.  Scougall and the motion was carried unanimously.  Cllr Burt who was absent from the meeting had agreed previously that she would be happy to accept the office.  The clerk agreed to arrange for her to sign the ‘Declaration of Acceptance of Office’ form.

42/13                  Declarations of Interest/Amendment to Registration of Financial Interests

There were no changes to the record.

43/13                  Appointment to committees/outside bodies

 a)  Village Hall Management committee – Cllr Scougall & Cllr Bradby

b)  Test Valley Association of Parish Councils – Cllr Kennesion

c)  Planning committee – Whole Council

d)  Flood Officer – Cllr Butler

e)  Parish Lengthsman – Cllr Kennesion

f)  Village Design committee  – Cllr Page

g)  Playground committee – Cllr Young & Cllr Burt

h)  Allotments – Cllr Page

i)   All Saints Church Future Uses Committee  – Cllr Burt


44/13                  Set Dates for Future Meetings

Provisional dates were set for the meetings for the forthcoming year as follows:

1/7/13, 2/9/13, 4/11/13, 6/1/14, 3/3/14.  Budget meeting 25/11/13, Parish Assembly 14/4/14 and AGM 12/5/14


45/13                  Approval of minutes of meeting held on 04 March 2013 & extraordinary meetings of 02 April & 16 April 2013

The minutes of the meeting held on 04 March 2013 & extraordinary meetings of 02 April & 16 April 2013, having been circulated previously, were approved and signed by the Chairman.


46/13                  Matters arising from the meetings above and the Parish Assembly

a)       Lengthsman – A schedule of works had been given to the lengthsman which included cutting back the verges.  A complaint had been made about the turfs removed at Stevens Drove being left on the bank outside Roedor.  This matter had now been addressed with the lengthsman.

b)     Dog fouling at Sheepbridge – Cllr Boulton advised that there was a stand at the entrance to Sheepbridge where a bin could be placed.  He recommended that the dog warden, Rod Mason, be contacted regarding this and also to see if anything further could be done.  The clerk will contact him.  Cllr Burt agreed to talk to Houghton Fishing Club with a view to putting a sign on the gate.

c)      Wheelie Bins – Cllr Boulton was confident that the refuse collectors took care to leave the bins off the road.  The council agreed that this matter would not be taken further.

d)     Highways – Cllr Gibson had advised at the Parish Assembly that a new programme was in place to deal with potholes (refer to his Village Review).  The clerk confirmed that the pothole at the bottom of Stevens Drove had been reported.

e)      Local Plan – Cllr Page confirmed that the Parish Council had drawn up its recommended settlement boundary which had now been extended to include Bossington Mill.  It had been submitted to TVBC along with supporting comments.  The final drafts would be produced by TVBC by the end of September followed by a further public consultation period for approximately six weeks and the final submission would take place in February 2014.  Cllr Scougall asked Cllr Boulton if Village Design Statements/Parish Plans were still relevant.  Cllr Boulton confirmed that they are considered during planning applications.


47/13                  Correspondence

The following correspondence had already been copied to councillors:

CPRE                                                      Notification of various events including planning seminar

HANTS CONSTABULARY               Unauthorised encampments

NALC                                                      Chief Executive report

HALC                                                      April update

TVBC                                                       Planning enforcement report

HARAH                                                  Spring newsletter

*KRONOS SOLAR                                Invitation to Public Consultation 8/5/13

HCC                                                          Invitation to Chairman – 60th anniversary Queen’s coronation (passed to Chairman)

TV Assoc Parish Councils                  AGM Agenda 9/5/13


The following correspondence had also been received:

VICTIM SUPPORT                            Information about its services and request for financial support

CPRE                                                      AGM Agenda 17/5/13.  Information about trip to Avebury Manor 21/5/13

HALC                                                     Village of the year competition

HCC                                                        World War One commemorations

ACTION MARKET TOWNS            Dept Communities & Local Gov grants for neighbourhood planning

TVBC                                                      Draft Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment–e mail & link to be sent to cllrs


The council considered the above correspondence and resolved that financial support could not be given to Victim Support as it had not been budgeted for.  No events would be planned to commemorate the start of World War One

*Kronos Solar had placed a note in the Romsey Advertiser advising that the meeting of 8th May had been cancelled.  Following this, the clerk had contacted the company who confirmed that the meeting had been ‘postponed’ and they would let the council know when it was rearranged.  Cllr Young expressed his disappointment that neither the company nor Daniel Busk had advised the Parish Council.  The clerk was asked to write to Cllr Busk asking him to keep the council informed of the progress of the consultation.


48/13                  Finance

*The council reviewed its asset register and insurance schedule and was satisfied. The clerk confirmed that the Telephone Kiosk was covered under the council’s public liability insurance.  To insure for damage would cost £4 per annum with an excess of £250.  The council resolved that cover for damage was not required. 

Bank Balances as per bank statements:

Business Instant Access Account @ 09 April 2013 – £5458.53

Parish Council Treasurer’s Account @ 12 April 2013 – £664.34

The following accounts require authorisation to pay:

Gopak Ltd – 6 chairs – 274.32

Barker & Geary – Creosote for bus shelters – 12.98

Mrs B Barker – Salary – April/May  – 240.00

Ms T Bonnar – Website fees – £22.22

*Came & Co – Annual insurance1/6/13 to 31/5/14 – £706.04

The clerk had purchased a new printer for £119.99.  The council agreed to fund 50% of the cost (£60)

The following accounts have been paid and require retrospective approval:

LG Sheffield – Silver plates for chairs (The Trophy Box) – chq no. 604 – 35.00

HALC – Affiliation fees 2013-14 – chq no 605 – 176.00

Mr T Smith – Playground inspection 1/4/12 to 31/3/13 – chq no 606  – 156.00

HCC – Street lighting contract 1/10/12 to 31/3/13 – chq no 607 – 59.69

Mrs B Barker – Refreshments for Parish Assembly –  chq no 608 – 12.92


NB: The following credits had been received:

Donations £280.00, VAT repayment £822.85, Precept &one-off grant £4137.83

Cllr Young advised that Mr M Rebbeck had increased his costs for grasscutting.  The annual bill is likely to increase to £1100 (budget £1000).  Cllr Young will clarify costings with Mr Rebbeck and report back to council.


The accounts for the year 2012/13 which had been previously circulated and presented at the Annual Parish Assembly were adopted and signed.  The council approved Section 1 (Accounting Statements) and Section 2 (Annual Governance Statement) of the Audit Commission Annual Return for 2012/2013.   These documents would be submitted to the council’s internal auditor, John Murray (meeting arranged for 14/5/13) before submission to the external auditor.  The clerk would publish the notice and details of the Annual Audit on the noticeboard and ensure that all audit documents are sent to the external auditor before the deadline of 15th July 2013.


49/13                  Standing orders, financial regulations, bank mandate and internal controls

The council reviewed and adopted new standing orders and financial regulations (based on NALC models).  The clerk confirmed that, following the change of clerk last year, the bank mandate had been updated with the maximum number of signatories.  Names of signatories included all councillors (apart from Cllr Bradby) and the clerk.  Signing instructions = 2 councillors + clerk.  The council reviewed its financial risk assessment and was satisfied with the level of risk and that sufficient controls were in place to minimise it.  The clerk confirmed that the council was complying with HMRC PAYE regulations and would be submitting Full Payment Submissions in ‘Real Time’ using the HMRC Basic PAYE Tools.


50/13                  Planning

The following applications had been received from TVBC since the April meeting:


13/00485/TREES – Rowans – Fell 9 Silver Birch

13/00813/CLPS – Orchard Cott  – Lawful development certificate – windows

13/00485/FULLS  – The Boot Inn – Erection garden furniture store

The council had found no objection to the above


13/00945/FULLS –  Houghton Farmhouse – Vehicular Access, gate & fencing

Cllr Butler declared an interest in the application for Houghton Farmhouse and left the room.  The council considered the application and found no objection. 


The following decisions had been notified from TVBC:

13/00485/TREES                   Rowans                  Fell 9 Silver Birch                  No objection


51/13                  Playground Report

Trevor Smith was continuing to carry out regular weekly checks of the playground.  Cllr Young confirmed that he had carried out a thorough check of the playground and found that a fixing had been pulled out of the picnic table.  He would repair it as soon as possible.


52/13                  Village Design Statement

Cllr Page confirmed that a draft copy of the Village Design Statement had been produced.  It consisted of approximately 60 pages and needed to be condensed.  A first revision should be available within two months.  He would ask Tom Graham to attend a parish council meeting or a coffee morning to present it.  Cllr Bradby asked if it could be made available at the village fete on 22nd June.


53/13                  Parish Matters – councillors

Cllr Bradby asked the clerk to clarify the additional grant to the Village Hall showing in the accounts.  The clerk explained that the annual grant remained the same at £600, however a grant application had been made to HCC for £500 and this had been passed on the Village Hall.  Cllr Bradby also asked when the cage for the oil tank was to be fitted.  Cllr Page confirmed that Brian Standfield had manufactured it but had not yet fitted it.


54/13                  Parish Matters – parishioners

Mrs Cardoe asked permission to get suggestions for use of the telephone kiosk – eg a book exchange, twinning with other kiosks, providing village information.  The council agreed that she could -ordinate ideas.  The clerk advised that planning permission may be needed for certain uses.

Mr Jones wanted to know if Marius Diaper and John Hurley were aware of the exact colour that the kiosk should be painted.  Cllr Page confirmed that they had been furnished with the full specification.


Miss Bonnar had been taking pictures for the village website and noticed that the village signs were in need of cleaning.  Cllr Page agreed that the lengthsman would be asked to do this.  Ms Bonnar confirmed that the village website was up and running.  She is hoping that each village organisation will provide their individual information and keep it up to date.  So that the website is self-funded, she is looking for sponsors and also looking at ways to raise revenue through advertising (perhaps in conjunction with the parish magazine).

Cllr Ingrid Burt had agreed to maintain/update the Parish Council’s section of the website.

Cllr Boulton advised that, with regard to keeping signs clean etc.  TVBC do a ‘Sparkle Day’ where someone comes into the village to clean it up.  He would put Houghton Parish Council’s name on the list.

Lucy Gosse advised the council that the PCC had a printer located in the village hall that the council was free to use.  A small charge may be made by the PCC.

Bob Gosse explained that he was hoping to re-route the Houghton Trail cycle ride so that it finishes in the playing field.  This would mean fitting a gate where the existing pedestrian access is or temporarily moving the bottle banks.  The council felt that moving the bottle banks would not be advisable but would consider the gate.  Cllr Scougall agreed to discuss the issue with the Village Hall Management Committee.


The clerk advised that the paper bank is being removed from the recycling area as it is not being used.


Date of next meeting July 1st 2013.


The meeting closed at 09.15 pm