Church News – September 2014

Dear friends 

Do you have a pet?

Many of us do, sharing both our homes and our lives with our pets and cherishing the companionship we receive from them.

This month we are celebrating and giving thanks for all that our pets mean to us at a Pet Service at All Saints on Sunday 7th September at 11.00am.

This is your opportunity to bring your pets – large or small – to the Church, to thank God for them and to have them blessed (if it’s sunny and dry we will gather outside the Church).

The ancients wrote in the Book of Genesis of their understanding of how God created the earth. ‘In the beginning’ they wrote, ‘God created the creatures of the oceans’, ‘the birds of the sky’, ‘every kind of wildlife and livestock’, ‘creatures that crawl on the ground’ and then God created men and women in His own image and gave them permission to ‘rule over’ every living thing.

As Christians, today we think less in terms of ‘rule over’ and more in terms of acting as wise stewards, respecting our environment rather than dominating and exploiting it, and taking seriously our responsibilities to care for our world and all living creatures.

On a lighter note, if like me, you live with a cat, then you will know that you don’t ever rule over a cat, because from the moment a cat enters your life you become its slave!

Pets of all sizes, shapes and descriptions are welcome (why do I find those few words slightly nerve racking and why are they conjuring up images of ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Vet Rev’?!).

Whether you bring several pets or none, we look forward to seeing you at our pet celebration at All Saints in September.