Church News July & August 2013

Dear Friends

The schools are almost out and the long awaited Summer holidays are rapidly coming upon us. After last year’s dismal wash out we hope and pray that long sunny days lie ahead…

Our holidays are important to us. They are times when we can chill out and put our feet up, perhaps go away for a week or two and have a change of scene. For some they are times to retreat from the busyness of everyday life, for others they provide much needed time to spend together with family.

The current difficult global economic situation and the stress of job uncertainty is making life hard for many. In this situation it is even more important that we take time out to rest and recharge our batteries – whether we stay at home or go away.

The writer of the book of Genesis tells us that after creating the world, God rested on the seventh day and made it holy. Wikipedia tells me that the word ‘holiday’ derived from the notion of ‘holy day’ – a day when normal activities are suspended or reduced.

To help us to get into the holiday mood, we will be marking Sea Sunday on 14th July with a Family Service at Broughton (9.30am) and a Messy Sea Sunday Family Service at Mottisfont (11.00am). At both services we will be giving thanks for people like sailors and fisherman and all of those whose work involves the sea. I think that buckets & spades might be a feature at these services!

Whatever your plans for the Summer, I hope that the sun will shine for you and that you will be able to take some time to relax and enjoy some holiday.

With blessings…
Gill Nobes, Curate

Inside All Saints Church Houghton Glass Stained Windows